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Cameroon-Drama: A couple dies in a tragic accident in Dschang

by Theophile

The couple were returning from work; they were on the motorbike and were violently hit by the truck.

The tragedy occurred in Dschang, in the western region of Cameroon. Innocent Fongang and his partner Clarisse Folefack were returning from work after a day. The motorbike they borrowed was mown down by a tractor-trailer at MC2 Foreke in the western town of Dschang region.

The unfortunate tragedy occurred when the motorcyclist attempted to overtake a moving trailer on the road, which resulted in him being run over by the truck. On the spot, the unfortunate couple were run over by the truck and no one survived the shock.

A cyclist was also involved in this terrible shock. Luckily for him, his life was spared but came out with injuries. He was hospitalized and is receiving intensive medical care in a hospital.

Another accident that brings families to mourning after those recorded last weekend on the Douala_Yaoundé axis and which claimed the lives of nearly 20 people.

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