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Cameroon- South-West: a pregnant woman thrown in prison in Buea

by Theophile
une femme enceinte

The lady called Antoinette Kongnso, is believed to be in contact with General No Pity, a separatist leader.

This is a story relayed by the diary of our colleague Mimi Mefo. An 8-month-pregnant woman by the name of Antoinette Kongnso was arrested on October 2 by elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR). His arrest was not without violence, denounces the non-governmental organization (NGO) Center For Human Rights and Democraty in Africa of lawyer Agbor Balla. The NGO talks about the beatings to the stomach and feet received by the victim.

According to Sister Mimi Mefo’s diary, at the time of her arrest, Antoinette Kongnso was not notified of her charges. She was even placed under a committal warrant a few days later at Buea central prison. Later, she was verbally briefed on her complaint.

The lady, reported to be 25, is accused of being in contact with General No Pity, a well-known separatist leader in the Northwest. Former motorcycle taximan in Buea and classmate of Antoinette, General No Pity is said to be the latter’s former boyfriend. They would even have had a child. However, according to Antoinette, the relationship ended with the man’s involvement in armed groups.

The brutal arrest and incarceration of the 25-year-old woman has sparked public outcry. Lawyer Richard TAMFU is defending alongside 11 other colleagues. He speaks of a complaint for torture of a pregnant woman filed against Sieur MOJA MOJA (an element of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) also a traditional leader feared for its recurrent violence against civilians) at the military court in Buea.

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Since Antoinette’s incarceration, lawyers have found it difficult to meet with her. Human rights associations are protesting against the violation of the convention against torture, Articles 7 and 14 of the international pact on civil and political rights relating to equity of justice, the fight against torture, penal code on individual responsibility in criminal matters.


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