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“ACT-AGIR Canada” attacks the ACT-AGIR Movement

by Theophile
Le logo du Mouvement ACT-AGIR

Its leaders are accused of usurpation and suspected of having turned it into a “sub-chamber of the CPDM”.

The organization which calls itself “ACT-AGIR Canada” reacts to the update of the ACT-AGIR Movement published 5 days ago. In the press release he signed on August 27, 2021, Patrice Kwemo, who presents himself as the coordinator of “one of the autonomous entities” based in Canada denounces the “latest sectarian, manipulative and inappropriate outings of ACT-AGIR Cameroon“.

He explains that the latest communication from the movement relating to the funeral of Christian Penda Ekoka prompted him to react. “Recent internal struggles in ACT-AGIR Cameroon have led to a dislocation of this entity in which, in the absence of the sick president, certain individuals have proclaimed themselves vice-president, secretary general, international coordinator, etc.“, understands Patrice Kwemo. He sees the current office as “a mock office built in a hurry.

Christian Penda Ekoka died on August 8, 2021 in Canada from an illness. He will be buried this Saturday, August 28, 2021, in the strictest family privacy, in Douala.

Below is the press release from ACT-AGIR Canada

Le communiqué de ACT-AGIR Canada
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