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Yaoundé: 02 young girls arrested after being surprised while practicing lesbianism

by Theophile
Film Nigeriane sur le lesbianisme

These two students were surprised in an unfinished building.

The two girls were arrested on June 10, 2021, after being caught in the act of lesbianism in an unfinished building in the Etoudi district of Yaoundé, according to Griote.Tv. These are two students, one from Upper Sixth and the other from Form Four.

They narrowly escaped a lynching before law enforcement arrived. The Upper Sixth student had been suspected for some time of practicing lesbianism in her entourage. The scene last Thursday proved these suspicions right.

During this year, which is now coming to an end, the students have talked about themselves outside the framework in which they are expected.

In November 2020 in the city of Douala for example, 9 students, i.e. five girls and four boys, were caught in a room at the Makepè-Missokè market in the act of consuming drugs, alcohol and playing a game of group sex. They were all adolescents aged between 15 and 17 and students at the modern and bilingual Maturity College, located in the district of Douala 5.

We still remember the scandal caused by a video that circulated in social networks, and in which Kribi learners wiggled in class clothes while showing off their private parts. An act which had earned them exclusion and then special care ordered by the Minister of Secondary Education, Nalova Lyonga.

A few days later, it was the turn of the town of Kumba in the southwest, where several students from several schools were surprised near a stream in the middle of an orgy session. From sexual deviance to delinquency, young Cameroonians have beaten all avenues during this school year. The scene of the two lesbians arrested in Etoudi further darkens a sad picture.

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