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Civil union of homosexual couples: outcry from the Cameroonian faithful against the proposal of Pope Francis

by Theophile
the Bishops of Cameroon

Through a declaration published on December 21, 2023, the Bishops of Cameroon gathered within the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (CENC) speak out on homosexuality and the blessing of homosexual couples.

The blessing of homosexual couples authorized by the Vatican in a doctrinal declaration published on December 18 goes poorly in Africa and, closer to us, in Cameroon. A fervent Catholic believer does not hide her anger towards Pope Francis, whom she accuses of having given in to pressure from a large section of the bishops of the Roman curia… Vanessa Ongmetana, member of Opus Dei, a powerful institution of the Catholic Church, do not think otherwise. She blurted out: “the pope is embarrassing us: these couples will receive the blessing and continue in their life of sin? “.

The Vatican, in communicating this decision, mentioned, as our source points out, that these blessings cannot be given during a mass. Rome goes on to indicate that Pope Francis’ green light does not concern same-sex marriages. It is expected that the blessings will be made in the sanctuaries, during a meeting with a priest, as part of a prayer recited in a group or even during a pilgrimage.

In addition to being opposed to this decision, Vanessa Ongmetana also thinks that the Vatican services have not communicated well because the majority of Catholic faithful are angry when they mention that they are against same-sex marriages. Several men of the Church also spoke about marriage. “In conscience, I will not bless a same-sex couple because the Bible and my culture condemn homosexuality,” writes Ludovic Lado on his Facebook page.

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This outcry against the blessing of homosexual couples in Cameroon and Africa is not a surprise. We also remember that the bishops of the continent united against homosexuality during the 16th synod which was held last October in Rome. Likewise, in a statement published in 2013 in Sangmelima, the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (Cenc) wrote: “homosexuality falsifies human anthropology and trivializes sexuality, marriage and the family, the foundation of society”.

The Church calls for prayer and compassion towards those who are inclined to homosexuality, inviting them to radical conversion while encouraging them to move away from the mentality of victimization.In concluding this declaration, the Bishops of Cameroon reaffirm their disapproval of homosexuality and formally prohibit any blessing of homosexual couples within the Church of Cameroon.


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