Accueil » Cameroon: Dieudonné Essomba: “I will ask the government to consider Kamto as a marginal person”

Cameroon: Dieudonné Essomba: “I will ask the government to consider Kamto as a marginal person”

by Theophile
Dieudonné Essomba

On the Elite Club set on Vision 4 on Sunday, December 26, 2021, the television consultant believes that the national president of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) has become a danger to his own political formation.

The day after the presidential election of October 7, 2018 in Cameroon increased the reputation of Professor Maurice Kamto through his “electoral holdup“, claiming that the victory “had been stolen” by the candidate of the CPDM, in power .

After a demonstration, the leader of the CRM, many of his activists, was arrested in late January 2019 and then imprisoned in Kondengui central prison, for the most part, for at least nine months before benefiting from the presidential pardon on October 4 of the same year, the day that the national dialogue closed. Since then, the Man of the Law has been under surveillance whenever he visits on a scheduled occasion.

However, for Dieudonné Essomba, this great mobilization of men in uniform around Maurice Kamto is not necessary: ​​“I will ask” the government to consider him as a marginal person. If they want to free the children, let them do it. Kamto has become a drag on his own party, ”the economist suggested .

For economist Dieudonné Essomba who took part in the debate, Maurice Kamto is on the wrong track. “Kamto has become a drag on his own party. He fooled around and put him in jail. The Europeans had to put pressure on it. What will he do? He is getting the kids into a bad thing. I’m not sure Kamto wants to see his activists come out one day. Because he knows this system. He knows they are waiting for negotiations, for conciliations. And he knows that if they thunder, they’ll bang harder. This is how the Biya system works, “he said while passing a message to the government.

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An idea shared by Saint Eloi Bidoung who also participated in the show. “Professor Kamto is in a bad role. We don’t need these strong actions during CAN. We need to be focused. Kamto would like to take advantage of the rain to shit in the torrent, ”he said.


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