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North-West: a traditional chief of Mbiame accused of supporting the separatists

by Theophile
traditional chief of Mbiame

Menyong Gilbert Sunday, the Divisional Officer (D.O.) of the Bui division in Kumbo, sent a warning letter on June 16 to the Fon de Mbiame, a 1st degree traditional chief in the North West region.

The administrative authority accuses the traditional authority of compromising the gradual return to peace in the department by maintaining “ incestuous relations with enemy forces ”. The D.O. takes this as an example: “ On June 14, 2023, the terrorists came to your chiefdom and warned all the Mbororo to come out en masse to welcome you on your return from the United States, under penalty of suffering their wrath. Moreover, the population that escorted you on your return from Mbonso to your palace in Mbiame was led by terrorists”.

Mbiame’s Fon Nweh II actually returned from the United States on June 11. The monarch was first welcomed to Yaoundé by his subjects living in the capital. In addition, D.O. Menyong Gilbert Sunday accuses the Fon Nweh II of “providing information to terrorists on the movements of defense and security forces, and of organizing the kidnapping of peaceful civilians for ransom in order to share the spoils” . Thus, when on July 8, 2022, a group of separatist terrorists assassinated the brigade commander of Mbiame “ you showed no sign of sympathy or concern about this unfortunate incident ”, points out the D.O.. The Fon is also accused of the same coldness when a policeman was killed by armed men on June 15.

Beyond these accusations of collusion with the separatist militiamen, the administrative authority does not appreciate that the Fon Nweh II of Mbiame is boycotting the official ceremonies as well as the installation of a sub D.O. in 2022. ever participated in a public ceremony organized in Mbiame. When the new sub D.O. of Mbven was installed on August 25, 2022, you were not present during this event which took place a few meters from your palace. In addition, you also boycotted the Youth Day on February 11, 2023 and the National Day on May 20, 2023 and instead mobilized your population to go and work on the farms of Mbonso”, charges D.O. Menyong Gilbert Sunday.

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Also, he reminds the Fon that as an administrative assistant, he has a duty to be loyal to the State, to fight crime and work for national unity. The Fon Nweh II of Mbiame has not officially reacted to these accusations.


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