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Malachie Manaouda wants to enforce the ban on shisha in public spaces

by Theophile
Manaouda Malachie

It is on his X account (former Twitter) that the Minister of Public Health (Minsanté) chose to announce a new cruise against shisha, a product whose consumption is prohibited in public places in Cameroon by the Ministry of the Territorial Administration (Minat).

“In view of the increase in non-communicable diseases, my teams will travel through leisure establishments to enforce the regulations in this area,” writes Malachie Manaouda.

The latter is at the forefront of the fight against the consumption of shisha in Cameroon. At the beginning of last year, we remember that Minsante launched a major awareness campaign during February youth week to obtain a ban of shisha in young people. It was following this awareness that the Minat banned the consumption of this water pipe in public establishments.

Problem is, this ban is not always respected. Asked about the application of this measure in Parliament, the Minat, Paul Atanga Nji, explained to the members of parliament that “the flexibility of the State in the sanction takes into account the observation that consumers are for the most part adults”. He added that “awareness is intensifying among parents, in order to contain this phenomenon among young people.”

But, obviously, Minsante wants to apply the strong method by imposing this ban. Except that Manaouda Malachie did not explain what penalties are incurred by those responsible for leisure establishments.


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