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Death of Mirabelle Lingom: the moving testimony of Paul Chouta

by Theophile
Paul Chouta

Blogger Paul Chouta claims Mirabelle Lingom was falsely accused of making a sextape with him.

Paul Chouta feels bad after the death of Mirabelle Lingom. Accused of sodomizing the 25-year-old and making a sextape with her, the blogger says these are false accusations. In homage to the deceased woman, he made public a moving testimony through which we realize that Mirabelle was determined to wash her honor and bring out the truth.

Find below the testimony of Paul Chouta
Christelle Mirabelle LINGOM is this young girl victim of defamatory and slanderous statements by certain executives of the PCRN.

They recently fabricated lies about this 25-year-old girl, falsely stating that I had sex with her and that I sodomized her. Having learned these insanities, she made an outing to deny this collection of cutesy fabrications. As if that wasn’t enough, she was raped. It should be noted that Christelle Mirabelle LINGOM was the ex of a certain BAPES, an activist of the PCRN.

Following these infamous and feminicidal lies, she decided to prosecute them. This is how she lodged a complaint with the Bonanjo Legion of Gendarmerie in Douala, where I was summoned with my partner for investigation. We complied with this summons and the end of the investigations established that she and I had indeed been slandered and defamed.

On August 7th Mirabelle wrote to me to explain that her slanderers want to negotiate with her and she was asking me what to do. I let him know that the decision was up to him. On August 30, 2021 I contacted her to ask her what her decision was ultimately. She replied: “We continue with the procedure, they are so arrogant”. I let her know that she has my full support.

This day at 5:05 pm, his lawyer Me Fabien KENGNE wrote to me in these terms: “Mirabelle Christelle LINGOM has just died”.

The lawyer in question lets me know that Mirabelle recently wrote to him to tell him that his days are numbered. I contact a member of Mirabelle’s family in return to inquire about the situation. A relative of hers confirms to me that indeed she has made up her mind this Monday at 4:46 p.m.

The relative in question reports to me that Mirabelle defecated on her and called her around 11 am that she has a stomach ache and that she finds in the hospital of the city of palm trees. He tells me that from 11am until the time of her death she was not taken care of in the aforementioned hospital.

“I went to buy drugs over 40,000 CFA francs that I was asked to buy. When I come back I am told that Mirabelle is dead, ”her older brother told me.

I can’t believe Mirabelle is dead. I still remember when she was playing with my daughter Johanna at the Bonanjo Legion Gendarmerie on August 26th when I went there to defend her.

Mirabelle, you, victim of defamation, slander, rape and today you are leaving us probably because of the wickedness of men. I have no strength or words in the face of this sad news. Only God knows what state I am in.

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