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Customs: Cameroon and Chad commit to share controls along their border

by Theophile
frontière -Cameroun et le Tchad

The General Directorate of Customs (DGD) announces that Cameroon and its Chadian neighbor are working to streamline the traffic of goods crossing the corridor which leaves Fotokol, on the Cameroonian side, for Ndjamena, the capital of Chad.

To achieve this objective, customs officials from the two countries have committed to pooling controls along their common border. Other measures of this type were considered. Starting with “strict compliance with the payload limitation of trucks in unconventional transit in accordance with the regulations on road transport in Cameroonian territory”.

All of these measures have become imperative because of the increase in goods traffic to Chad on the Fotokol-Ndjamena corridor, as the DGD indicates. This situation follows the closure of the border between Chad and Niger, due to the political situation caused by the coup d’état which overthrew Mohamed Bazoum in Niamey. To make matters worse, the border between Chad and Sudan is also closed because of the precarious security situation in Sudan. Race results, the border with Cameroon is now very busy.

“It was therefore urgent to put in place mechanisms that could not only enable the security of convoys but also ensure their smooth and rapid passage,” as indicated by the DGD. Adding that to put these mechanisms in place, the Cameroonian and Chadian gabelous went down together on the ground along the corridor to touch reality.


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