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Cameroon-Road Safety: The Ministry of Transport equips 100 intercity buses with surveillance cameras to reduce traffic accidents

by Theophile
Un bus de tranport

The launch of the pilot phase of the project for the management and intelligent and centralized monitoring of interurban transport took place on September 27, 2021 by the responsible minister Jean Ernerst Masséna Ngallè Bibehè, in Yaoundé.

The Ministry of Transport has decided to install surveillance cameras in 100 interurban transport buses belonging to various travel agencies, serving the Yaoundé-Douala, Douala-Bafoussam and Bafoussam-Yaoundé axes. An initiative that is part of the project for the intelligent and centralized management and monitoring of interurban transport, the pilot phase of which was launched on Monday, September 27, 2021 by Minister Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe.

Le quotidien Le Jour on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 specifies that these mass transport vehicles “saw themselves connected and from their position, they were scrutinized from a central server at the Ministry of Transport“.

This intelligent jumbo bus surveillance system will make it possible to monitor the behavior of drivers, thanks to the cameras installed in their vehicles. “The control of the biometric parameters of the drivers, the tracking of interurban vehicles by geolocation, the monitoring of the exterior and interior environment of the vehicle using on-board smart cameras, dangerous practices, if they persist, will no longer escape our gaze ”, indicated Jean Ernest Masséna Ngallè Bibehè, in remarks relayed by the newspaper of Haman Mana.

This monitoring system, which is now to be applied to all intercity transport buses, has proved its worth in another area. “The union of oil and gas carriers here testifies to the effectiveness of this solution. And during a period of almost 10 years, we have not recorded any accidents in this sector of activity, yet relating to road transport of goods, although classified as dangerous “, welcomed the Minister of Transport. And to specify that the establishment of this intelligent surveillance system is the result of the public – private partnership. It is thanks to the partnership with the Camtrack-Mtn consortium that the development and implementation of this innovative solution took shape.

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This is the result of long-term work dating back more than five years with my competent technical services. This solution, developed and adapted to the context of interurban passenger road transport, is the first of its kind in Africa, ”said the head of Transport in Cameroon. All the agencies and especially the bus drivers are now in step with the good observance of the rules of conduct and the best behavior on our axes. Families, with this well-mastered intelligent surveillance system, will probably be safe from grief, the fruit of human stupidity on our roads.


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