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Cameroon-Insecurity in our neighborhoods: let’s watch our back!

by Theophile
Cameroon-Insecurity in our neighborhoods: let's watch our back!

It’s not the law enforcement that will watch over everyone day or night in their home. Given the current increase in assault cases, some leading to the deaths of victims, anyone would win to have their back.

For no man knows neither the day nor the hour when they will be afflicted. And for that, it seems important to never let your guard down. It’s not about not enjoying life anymore it’s about being careful at all times. Thinking twice before bringing a stranger into your home wouldn’t be unnecessary. The findings of some police or gendarmerie investigations reveal that it is sometimes the small negligence of some that attract attackers to their homes. For a broken freezer, allowing the convenience store to roam the entire residence is not prudent. Opening the door to anybody is risky too. Because data shows that it is usually those people who have entered a home for a service or a courtesy visit, who return to empty it at the first opportunity. Since it’s impossible to know everyone’s true intentions, it would be good to always keep your guard on your guard.
Looks like the time has come to find tricks to distract the attention of these malicious neighbors, who master the exit and return times from their targets. In some neighborhoods currently, barely have the owners come out that “robbery neighbors” invest the places. Some will even take down entire windows. Clearly it’s difficult to escape these watchmen, but before you become a victim, it’s better to honor the safety of your home. Many may say installing more advanced security systems like surveillance cameras is expensive, but failing to reach that level, locking doors and windows properly is a start. The possibility of always having people at home is also not excluded. Deserted homes seem to be a regular target for daylight robbery.

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