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Anglophone crisis: dozens dead in an attack attributed to separatists in the South-West region

by Theophile
Separatists attack attributed to separatists in Mamfe in the South-West region

The South-West is once again the scene of a bloody tragedy. Nearly 40 civilians were burned alive, and a hundred others were seriously injured in a gruesome massacre perpetrated in Mamfé. The NGO Mandela Center International reveals the details of this atrocity which continues to shake Cameroon.

Several people were killed yesterday night in Egbekaw, a town not far from the town of Mamfe, in the crisis-ridden South-West region, around 3:45 a.m., while the victims were asleep. Those who tried to flee were shot at point blank range, says the NGO Mandela Center International. According to numerous testimonies, armed men suspected of being separatist fighters killed nearly 40 civilians. Many houses were also burned.

Mandela Center International affirmed that non-state armed groups operating in the region are responsible for this large-scale killing. These groups, active in English-speaking regions in crisis, are said to have carried out this violent attack in retaliation, suspecting local civilian populations of collaborating with government armed forces or revealing their positions. The NGO reminds non-state armed groups that International Humanitarian Law formally prohibits acts of violence aimed at terrorizing the civilian population. Rebel leaders are subject to these international laws and will be held accountable for their actions, no matter where they hide.

Mandela Center International warns the Cameroonian government, emphasizing its absolute obligation to protect the lives of civilians, including members of armed separatist groups. The NGO demands an investigation into those responsible for illegal executions and calls for them to be brought to justice. The Non-Governmental Organization reminds all parties involved that only a negotiated solution can put an end to the Anglophone crisis and bring lasting peace to the regions affected by the socio-political crisis for 7 years.

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This comes as a relative calm has been observed for several months in the North-West and South-West regions where a separatist war has been raging since 2017. A conflict which has already caused around 6,000 deaths according to international organizations, such as the International Crisis Group.


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