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Cameroon-Unity Day: Ambazonians ban celebrations in English-speaking regions

by Theophile
Bamenda during Ghost-town

On May 20, Cameroon will celebrate the National Day of Unity.

While preparations for the 51st edition of this celebration are underway, the secessionists have issued threats of reprisals against the populations who would participate in the parade planned as part of these festivities.

On Twitter, Ambazonian activist Marc Bareta spoke about the recent human losses of the Cameroonian army in the English-speaking regions. He also announced that “Ambazonia forces are standing tall” and asked people to stay at home. “Meanwhile, in southern Ambazonia, in areas such as Tombel, Kupe Manuenguba, Mbonge, Ekondo, Manyu and many others, the situation has flared up in recent days. Cameroon has seen many victims sent to hell. Ambazonia forces remain standing. A special warning to Fako. Stay home from tomorrow, especially May 20. We told you,” he tweeted.

It is not the first time that separatists have banned official protests in the secession-ridden North West and South West regions since 2017. In recent days, several BIR soldiers have been killed in ambushes separatists.

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