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Cameroon-Electric energy: Eneo confirms the return of load shedding due to low water flow on the Ntem River

by Theophile
Agent ENEO engagé sur un chantier de réhabilitation du réseau de distribution a Yaounde

The company in charge of marketing electrical energy announced today that the power cuts recorded in recent days are due to a drop in the flow of the Ntem River, in the Southern region.

It is on this river that the Memve’ele hydroelectric dam is built, which is part of the Eneo Southern Interconnected Network and whose production capacity is estimated at 211 MW. Eneo explains that “the quantity of energy available for distribution is strongly limited following a combination of operating constraints inherent to the system and production concerns. Mainly, the current low flow on the Ntem which leads to a significant drop in Memve’ele production.

For this, a deficit between supply and demand is recorded. This leads to rationing of electrical energy in several cities. Eneo also adds that rotating rationings are carried out to preserve the balance of the system. The disruptions in electricity service experienced for several days on the South Interconnected Network are due to a deficit between supply and demand. “The average duration of the rotation could be extended or reduced, depending on the increase or decrease in the production deficit, in real time,” the operator tries to reassure in its press release.

The disruptions recorded over the past few weeks are nothing new during this period. In fact, in the dry season, the operator has often pointed out the drop in the flow of certain rivers on which the dams are built to explain the rationing of electrical energy. Despite significant hydrography which is manifested by numerous rivers, Cameroon is struggling to absorb the energy deficit. According to some experts, 36% of the population does not have access to electricity and needs are estimated at 1379 MW for a supply of 1047 MW. For now, the government has already announced 7 hydroelectric dam projects, including that of Nachtigal in progress (420 MW) and delivery of which is scheduled for next September.

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