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Anglophone crisis: separatists burn down Bamenda III Council hall

by Theophile
Bamenda III Council

The incident occurred in the morning of September 30, 2023

Shock and dismay gripped the inhabitants of Bamenda III as they woke to the reaslization that arsonists had burned down Bamenda III Council Hall. Although it had just been renovated, Bamenda town hall was again set on fire on September 30 by separatists. According to witnesses living near the town hall, it was around 1 a.m. that the separatists arrived on motorcycles. These neighbors immediately alerted the defense and security forces who immediately intervened.

The arsonists are reported to have opened fire on the forces of law and order when they arrived at the scene, leading to a gun exchange.

The fire was unable to spread to the main building, thanks to the intervention of local populations, who came in their hundreds after the disappearance of the arsonists. The proceedings room and documents were consumed.

This arson comes after that of the Nkum town hall, in the Bui division. The Bamenda III town hall was recently burned down by separatists. It is the only municipality in the North-West managed by the Social Democratic Front (SDF). The mayor, Fungu Cletus, has not yet made a statement regarding this arson.

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