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PWD of Bamenda dismisses its coach

by Theophile
Bep Constantin

Bamenda PWD Football Club has sacked its head coach, Bep Constantin, as well as goalkeeping coach, Liye Zogo Pascal Bienvenue, after the team failed to win the Cameroon Cup final on Sunday.

PWD of Bamenda has decided to dismiss its head coach, Bep Constantin, as well as the goalkeeper coach, Liye Zogo Pascal Welcome this Thursday. It’s only four days after the Cameroon Cup final lost against Fovu de Baham. The club led by the president of ACEC, the association of clubs close to Samuel Eto’o Fils, does not understand how his club could have lost this match.

However, he ensured the comfort of the players and injected a lot of money and bonuses into this adventure. Also, elites came to his aid and one of them injected a whopping 50 million to offer the players.

Coach Bep led PWD through 13 matches, winning eight, drawing three and losing two. He joined the club in the middle of last season and his contract with the club was set to last until the end of the season. Club president Pascal Abunde announced that he would not renew his contracts as the team is preparing for the 2023-2024 football season.

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