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The Baccalaureate Office totals a debt of more than 1.4 billion due to teachers

by Theophile
Pr Pauline Nalova Lyonga

This figure was revealed on February 23, 2022 during the meeting between representatives of the government and those of the teachers’ collectives. The work which revolved around the problem of the debt of the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office due to teachers, enabled the director of the Office to comment on this news.

This information was made public during the meeting of February 23 which brought around the table, representatives of the government and those of the collectives of teachers In a report of this meeting, Etienne Roger Minkoulou, the director of the OBC states that “ the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office’s debt comes from a systemic inability to predict. The Office has to deal with three unknowns: the number of candidates, the speakers and the financial resources”, comments reported by the StopBlaBlacam site.

The “dead chalk” operation, explains the teachers, consists of: “going to their respective establishments, refraining from giving lessons, chatting with colleagues under the tree in the yard or in parliament, maintaining order with students if necessary, read and comment on the provisions of Law No. 2000/359/PR of December 05, 2000 on the special status of civil servants in national education bodies, return home at the end of the due hours”.

This movement was to last “until our creditors come to better feelings”, signed the members of the collective “We supported too much”.

It should be noted that this meeting comes in full movement of anger of the teachers for the payment of various rights, namely, reminders, advancements, integration, etc. A cumulative debt which amounts to more than 152 billion FCFA according to the government when the teachers claim more than 180 billion FCFA. Payment of debt under which these teachers have been engaged in the “dead chalk” movement for a week.

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