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Tabaski Festival: we prayed for peace in Tokombere

by Theophile
2022 feast of the sheep in Tokombere

The Muslims faithful in Tokombere are on the date this July 9, 2022 for the prayer of the “Feast of Sacrifice” under the benevolent eye of the authorities in the region.

It was 8:40am when Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, the lamido of Mada arrives at the prayer field, this one was already growling with people. As usual, the men occupied the front rooms while the women were in the background.

Immediately Imam Sali Abdourahim of the central mosque of Mada Kolkoche started the prayer. After about Ten minutes, the prayer was said and next was the sermon. In about thirty minutes, the preacher educated the devotees on the virtues of peace and living together. Subsequently, the people triumphantly accompanied in his royal palace, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, lamido of Mada Kolkoche, also known as President of the National Assembly of Cameroon.

The Muslim community of Cameroon is celebrating this July 9. They celebrate the feast of the Sacrifice. This celebration comes in a context of high prices where the sheep, in the spotlight this day, has also blazed on the market. This did not allow all Muslim faithful to obtain it.

Nevertheless, Muslim dignitaries have called on the faithful to go to places of prayer for the consolidation of peace and national unity in Cameroon, which is going through difficult times. The Feast also comes when more than 4,000 Cameroonian pilgrims take part in the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Celebrated two months and ten days after the feast of Ramadan, the Tabaski or feast of the Sacrifice is celebrated each year by the Muslim faithful. Called Aïd-el-Kebir among the Arabs, this religious festival recalls the submission of Ibrahim to God, when the latter asked him to sacrifice his son, Ishmael.

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