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Senator Malloum Bra nomination: The grateful Mayo Sava

by Theophile
Malloum Bra

A thank-you meeting at the place of the President of the Republic Paul Biya was held on the 30th april 2023 in Kolofata, capital of the self-named district located in the Mayo-Sava Division.

According to the President of the DRPC section of Mayo-Sava West initiator of this demonstration, Madi Aba Ali, the purpose of the meeting is to convey to President Paul Biya the gratitude of the people of Kolofata who see their son appointed for the first time to the post of Acting Senator for the region from the far north in this 3rd term.

A fitting opportunity for the now Honorable Malloum Bra to say that beyond this appointment which is a mark of trust, this responsibility is an interpellation to contribute effectively to the development of the region to decentralized territorial communities.

Reconstructing the region and especially the Boko Haram conflict is well placed on the senator’s road map. And to show support to this dynamic people came from all corners of the Mayo-Sava Division to not only encourage the brand new senator but to promise him their full support for the next five years in this third term.

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