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Parfait Nicolas Siki appointed new Interim Secretary General of FECAFOOT

by Theophile
Parfait Nicolas Siki

After having suspended, its secretary general, Balock Benjamin, Seidou Bombo Njoya appointed the journalist, Parfait Nicolas Siki, acting secretary general of FECAFOOT.

Seidou Mbombo Njoya, who has the ambition to run for a second term in FECAFOOT in the election next October, has decided to cut off the head of Benjamin Didier Banlock who would not be an ally for his cause. His sidelining, which initially circulated on social media for several days as a mere rumor, was confirmed at the FECAFOOT general assembly on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

The absence of Benjamin Didier Banlock at the Extraordinary General Assembly of FECAFOOT on Saturday did not go unnoticed. At the time when the rumor swells about a possible crisis between the secretary general and the president of FECAFOOT, Seidou Mbombo Njoya could not therefore escape the journalists’ question. “We are men and we embody an institution. There is a problem within the administration. It is a problem of administrative procedure which is in progress and on which I could not elaborate “, explained the president of FECAFOOT.

In place of the head of the administration of the instance, the Head of the Communication Department, Parfait Siki Awono, took over. The journalist, former Managing Editor of the newspaper L’Economie, replaces Benjamin Didier Banlock, cumulatively with his duties as Director of Communications.

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