Accueil » Operation sparrowhawk: the director of the practical school of agriculture Binguela imprisoned in the central prison of Yaoundé

Operation sparrowhawk: the director of the practical school of agriculture Binguela imprisoned in the central prison of Yaoundé

by Theophile
Roland Amougou Etogo

Roland Amougou Etogo and three of his collaborators have been staying there since the evening of February 18, 2022. They are accused of alleged acts of embezzlement of public funds.

According to concordant sources, Roland Amougou Etogo has been staying since February 18, 2022 in the jails of the central prison of Yaoundé Kondengui. The director of Binguela Practical School of Agriculture was heard by the Special Criminal Court (TCS) on February 16, 2022. The bone of contention between the manager and the TSC stems from financial embezzlement.

In the company of three of his collaborators, the director of the Practical School of Agriculture of Binguela (EPAB), a school under the supervision of the Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Forests (Capef), is under lock and key.

Information about the embastillment of Roland Amougou Etogo, who is also deputy mayor of the municipality of Mfou, was confirmed to on February 21, 2022 by sources within Capef who indicate that “the facts with which they are accused are prior to the arrival of the team in place”. Our sources, however, do not reveal what exactly it is.

Except that the fact for the four musketeers to find themselves in the jails of Kondengui after a passage before the Special Criminal Court (TCS) since February 16, 2022 directs the calculations towards suspicions of illicit touching on public money. Indeed, under Law No. 2011/028 of December 14, 2011 establishing this exceptional jurisdiction, it is mainly responsible for the repression of financial crime of which credit managers in Cameroon are allegedly guilty. . By referring to the provisions of article 2 of this text which convenes the competence of the TCS to hear cases of embezzlement of public funds whose amount is at least 50 million FCFA, one can easily understand the lower limit the alleged damage caused by Roland Amougou Etogo to public finances.

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At Capef, the provisional detention of the four officials of the EPAB is worrying in that it establishes the vacancy at least for the post of director of this school. To fill this vacuum, internal sources indicate that the president of this consular chamber, Martin Paul Mindjos Momeny, in his position as chairman of the management board of the EPAB, has decided on a so-called crisis meeting at the end of which will be certainly appointed at least one interim director pending the outcome of the procedure initiated against Roland Amougou Etogo.

As a reminder, the Practical School of Agriculture of Binguela (EPAB), was created in 1962 by the State of Cameroon. It is based in Binguela, a town located about thirty kilometers from Yaoundé, on the Yaoundé-Ngoumou axis. Applicants for its training (classic, itinerant and incubation) from 3 months to 2 years must have at least the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC).


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