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Open letter from Christelle Nadia Fotso to Marie Claire Nnana

by Theophile
Christelle Nadia Fotso

Writer and daughter of the late billionaire Victor Fotso, she gave a great political lesson to the boss of Cameroon Tribune, the government daily.

48 hours after the BAS demonstration in Geneva, on July 17, 2021, against the short private stay of Paul Biya, the Director of the publication of the publicly-owned newspaper committed an editorial in which she says that it is time to to make choices. This forum has caused a lot of controversy on the web. After also having this editorial, Christelle Nadia Fotso did not remain indifferent and decided to send Marie Claire Nnana an open letter.

What happened Miss Nnana?

Open letter to Marie Claire Nnana, Director General of the Cameroon Press and Publishing Company (SOPECAM) and retired journalist

Dear Marie Claire Nnana,

Your editorial last Tuesday in Cameroon TrIbune disturbed the peace of my rehabilitation. I couldn’t do my compulsory Yoga hours! My worried physiotherapist insisted that I write to you in order to give you what I have on my heart. My goal is therefore therapeutic: I had to write to you to return calm to my titanic battles with my body. It is therefore to my medical staff that you owe this public letter which, without being insulting, will be critical in trying to be irreverent without being discourteous. The message is from a woman you are preventing from sleeping and healing.

Madame Nnana, I have a romanticized respect for you linked to our only meeting. It was the end of the 90s in Paris and I saw you at the Embassy of Cameroon. Your simple and unusual appearance for this stilted world showed that you were not gentrified. The lady I was accompanying greeted you in Beti and then confided in me full of admiration: “She is a great journalist … she has a magnificent pen and she works too!” This memory makes me wonder what happened to you. This is a question that I ask you with the same curiosity, benevolence and sadness as Maya Angelou when she asked it to Nina Simone.

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Marie Claire Nnana, I am part of this minority tired of being taken hostage by petty politics and its debates unworthy of the ambitions we still have, often in spite of ourselves for the country. Tyrannically, they savage everything to subject the past, the present and the future of Cameroon to an obsolete and masculinist Caesarism which has however always led to announced disasters. The far-fetched Manichaeism of your editorial grieved me deeply. Yet he comes from a woman who was exceptional, who still knows how to write but no longer does her job, no doubt because she is now part of the establishment. Reducing our country to grotesque false choices with an argument based on an antihistoric morality betrays the professional that you were! It reminded me of my impossible mourning because people equipped to understand the truth confiscated public affairs by sacrificing Cameroonian values ​​and yes soul to the derisory provisional in order to stupefy the collective conscience.

Madame Nnana, because there are more Camus in me than Sartre, without playing politics, I denounce and refuse this need that you have, like too many elders, to make our compatriots believe that we are condemned to take responsibility for your choices because you are better than us, you know everything if not too much, so you can’t go wrong. Our Cameroonity cannot be stunted to silly obedience, total acceptance without reflection of a comfortable fatality that would force us to believe that there are no other possible Cameroonians than yours.

No, Marie Claire Nnana, choice time does not have to be dominated by terror and identities as artificial as they are narrow. The problem is not the choice of the Chef but what she or he must embody and defend for all. The question is not the Renewal, the Renaissance and the limits of political debate but the Resuscitation of a nation that its amnesia and its amorphism are killing. Discussions about what brings us together do not have to be framed by a paternalistic right-thinking that truly believes only in its own superiority. You have forgotten that even in Bantoukistan Africanized Bonapartism does not impose itself on the people against the people.

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Cameroon is experiencing an existential crisis caused by its inability to love, accept, recognize and care for all of its children. This crisis has a name: the Njitapage. He explains why the state and the presidential party agreed to the killing of a Patriarch. Marie Claire Nnana, you write editorials which, like Father Panaloux’s homilies, hysterize the insignificant, the anecdotal and the trivial in order to hide the Plague, its origins and its consequences. On Fotso Victor and Cameroon, your newspapers do Young Africa better than Jeune Afrique by refusing to investigate in order to fantasize, exalts. Preach, spit and demonize. How can you when you don’t know because you don’t want to that a Cameroonian and African icon died in France at the American Hospital in Paris on March 19, 2020 like a little negro?

This is my question, dear Madame Nnana. Your answer or rather your silence will show who you have become and will allow me to do Yoga again in peace. I’m not deluding myself, only I think of the journalist you have been who struggled to make a living from her pen while being so passionate about her job as to neglect the artifices of her femininity. It is possible that this woman, if she still exists at least out of curiosity, becomes a journalist again to understand why the end of Fotso Victor is a scandal that concerns two states, that of Cameroon and France. His investigation would allow him in an editorial that would go down in history by marking its time to reaffirm a Cameroonian value by protecting all those who embody the nation: We do not Njitape the Patriarchs whatever their tribes, their errors and their policies!

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