Accueil » Namibia seeks Cameroonian expertise to organize CAN 2027

Namibia seeks Cameroonian expertise to organize CAN 2027

by Theophile
Emma Kantema-Gaomas and Narcisse Moelle Kombi

Engaged in negotiations for the organization of the 2027 edition of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) jointly with Botswana, Namibia wants to enter the school of Cameroon in this area.

Five years from the CAN 2027 which will take place in southern Africa, particularly in Namibia and Botswana, the Namibian Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service, Emma Kantema-Gaomas is visiting Cameroon. Accompanied by a strong delegation , she met her Cameroonian counterpart Narcisse Moelle Kombi.

The objective of the visit according to the national daily was to study the possibility of a sports partnership and to strengthen relations between Windhoek and Yaoundé “ so that his country can learn from the experience of Cameroon ”, she said, according to the public-owned daily Cameroon tribune.

After congratulating Cameroon for the success of the 33rd edition of the CAN, she insisted on the transfer of expertise “ Namibia would learn a lot from Cameroon, especially the good organization of the games ”, she insisted

Source (Photo): Cameroun Tribune

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