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Maurice Kamto: “The Defense Forces of Cameroon do not belong to any political obedience”

by Theophile
Maurice Kamto

The Cameroon Movement for the Renaissance released on September 1, 2021, a press release in which it informed Cameroonians that an initiative to donate blood to defense forces injured by Boko-Haram in the Far North was proved unsuccessful following the refusal of the military authorities in this region.

Below is the full press release from the MRC

The Cameroonian Renaissance Movement (CRM) would like to inform the Cameroonian people that, in order to show their tireless solidarity with the Defense Forces of our country in the courageous struggle they have been waging for more than seven years in the Far North region against BOKO HARAM, the regional CRM federation of the said region asked the military authorities of the Far North region on August 19, 2021, to authorize the organization of a blood donation operation for the elements of our defense forces injured as a result of attacks by this sect or during the fight against it in this part of Cameroon.

This patriotic and apolitical initiative, which was not publicized in any way, was not followed despite the many measures taken by the leaders of the party in the Far North.

However, in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the CRM organized, under the same conditions of discretion, similar blood donation campaigns at the Yaoundé central hospital for the war wounded, and in 2016 a special blood donation campaign following the Eséka rail disaster which saved the lives of several of our compatriots.

This situation is reminiscent of the government’s refusal, in 2020, of a donation of masks, Covid-19 tests and equipment for health personnel, offered to the Ministry of Health as part of the Cameroon Survival Initiative ( SCSI), a non-partisan humanitarian initiative, simply because it was launched by Professor Maurice KAMTO.

Thus, the government prefers to let the wounded soldiers on the front line defending the territorial integrity of our country and the security of our people die because of political resentment against CRM President . Such blindness and state hatred of an individual is scandalous and unprecedented in our history.

The CRM recalls that the Cameroon Defense Forces do not belong to any political persuasion and should therefore not be subjected to any form of political exploitation.

The CRM calls on the Cameroonian military authorities to urgently deal with this unprecedented situation in order to avoid creating a dangerous precedent in the field of blood donation to people in need, and to authorize the launch of this blood donation operation. blood donation whose sole purpose is to save the lives of our compatriots who sacrificed themselves for Cameroon.

Done in Yaoundé, September 1, 2021

The national president of the MRC
Maurice KAMTO

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