Accueil » Insecurity: The perpetrators of the burglary of the Directorate General of Taxes, presented to the public

Insecurity: The perpetrators of the burglary of the Directorate General of Taxes, presented to the public

by Theophile
Suspected burglars

The reconstruction of the facts took place on June 14, 2021 in the presence of four suspects

The four alleged perpetrators of the robbery that occurred in the new building of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) on the night of June 7 to 8, 2021 were presented on Monday to the Legion of Gendarmerie of the Center in Yaoundé. They would have taken a sum of 380,000 FCFA; as well as two external hard drives.

The reconstruction of the facts, in the presence of the suspects, took place this morning at the headquarters of the tax administration, located in the administrative district of the Cameroonian capital.

We learn that the operation lasted 4 hours on the night from Monday to Tuesday. Between 1:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., these men visited almost all of the 200 offices in the 11-storey building, inaugurated in November 2020.

To enter the offices of the Directorate General of Taxes, four musketeers, most of them convicted of justice: Jean Marie Belibi, Amadou Bello, Alex Kana and the brain of the Mengue group Francis José, alias Chinese“, informs the CRTV Radio, the public channel.

The gang leader told reporters about the circumstances of this incredible robbery. “I went there one day around 4 pm, I noticed that the balcony door was open… I went around the back of the building and I had access to a slab to be able to go up to the balcony level, and I entered the building, ”said Mengue Francis who is not on his first forfeit.

While he was operating, the “Chinese” is surprised by a janitor, already present at the scene in the early hours of the morning. He ran away in a hurry, forgetting the cell phone on the spot that allowed him to communicate with one of his accomplices, who remained below the building.

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It is the operation of the device that will allow the security services to trace the suspects. In addition to the money and the hard drives taken away, the DGI deplores the considerable material losses.


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