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Insecurity: Minister Paul Atanga Nji suspends the sale of automatic pistols and warns gunsmiths

by Theophile
Paul Atanga Nji

The Minister of Territorial Administration held at the end of the morning of Thursday, May 6, 2021, a consultation meeting with the owners of the armories in Cameroon.

The meeting took place shortly after 10 am on Thursday, May 6, in the conference room of the Ministry of Territorial Administration in Yaoundé.

Before the work behind closed doors, the member of the government gave a keynote speech in which he set the scene for the issues at stake.

The need for this consultation meeting is essential in view of the security context our country is going through. Despite all the measures taken by the government, the proliferation and illicit circulation of firearms remain a real threat to the security of our country ”, declared Minister Paul Atanga Nji. He then indicated that to date, the number of firearms in circulation in Cameroon is much higher than the number of authorization duly granted by the Ministry of Territorial Administration because, he explains, several people hold firearms without any authorization.

This situation is more due to the fact that, contrary to what is prescribed by law, the various armory managers that you are, do not always systematically keep the digital files to allow tracing any operation carried out”, has deplored the Super Chief of land before inviting his interlocutors to respect the law.

In view of the current sensitive context, and taking into account the abusive use of self-defense weapons and of the automatic type by individuals of questionable morals, the sale of automatic pistols is suspended throughout the national territory as of this day, ”he said.

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Recalling the urgency, and the legal texts which frame this sector of activity in Cameroon, the boss of the territorial command hammered out that the sale of 4th and 5th category weapons are subject to the prior authorization of the minister in charge of Territorial administration.


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