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Former STV journalist Dora Eboa, missing for five years

by Theophile
Temou Eboa Dorothée Aurelie

The family of the former journalist from Stv, a private television station broadcasting from Douala in Cameroon, has just launched a wanted notice on social media.

Dora Eboa, a face well known to Spectrum Television (STV) viewers. The former STV News Director and host of 7 Hebdo has not been showing signs of life for 5 years. His family remained in turmoil and the conternation has just issued a warning cry in the form of a wanted notice.

Wanted Notice: Her name is Temou Eboa Dorothée Aurelie better known under the name of Dora Eboa. We have had no news from our sister and daughter for almost 05 years. We ask all people with any information to contact us at these different numbers ”, published André Lesak, the brother of the missing colleague.
Asked by Cameroun ACTU Online on the 5 years of silence of the journalist’s family, André Lesak evokes among other things the disagreements between the parents of the sister on the method to be adopted.

In another long message reached Cameroun ACTU Online André Lesak gives the reasons for the family’s choice of the Facebook Channel to launch the SOS.

Read his full message here:

Why have you waited for 05 years? What happened before she disappeared? Have you interviewed these colleagues and friends of the media? And much more……

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your support. Many people keep sharing these photos online. Thanks to your swift response and to Jehovah’s blessing God, we hope to hear from whatever news soon. In the meantime we continue to pray for them.
That’s right, and you might be right, the family should have used this channel (Facebook), to help find them. Rest assured that we haven’t stopped looking for her and questioning some of her <> and colleagues who have been kind enough to give us 15 seconds a few times. So far the option of using the net and social networks has not been unanimous in the family. And even today some disagree. Using * Facebook * is the last resort we have because, as we have seen, many people are found using it. Waiting so long might not have been the best thing to do, but understand that it was not an easy decision given that she is a well-known person in the media world.

All we hope for today is a * sign of life *. We are sure that wherever she is and whatever situation she is in, a sensitive soul of goodwill will give us information.

There are unfortunately some details and things that I cannot say at the moment. Maybe tomorrow I will and maybe I will mention some names as well. For now we can only count on sharing as much as possible in the hope of finding my little sister.

Thanks again everyone for your support !!!!!!!!!

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