Accueil » Claude Abé: “Father Ludovic Lado is a hypocritical tribalist”

Claude Abé: “Father Ludovic Lado is a hypocritical tribalist”

by Theophile
Père Ludovic Lado

Invited on Friday July 30, 2021 on ABK Radio as part of the ABK Matin morning, Professor Claude Abé responded to his university colleague and Priest of Jesus, Ludovic Lado.

Professor Claude Abé was quick to respond to Ludovic Lado who had, in an open letter, called for his dismissal from the Catholic University of Central Africa.

This Friday, July 30, 2021, during the program “ABK Matin“, the university professor criticized the open letter of the Jesuit priest: “Speaking of the exit of Father Ludovic Lado, I am not responsible for the emotional understanding of my words by a number of individuals.

I am not going to speak on behalf of the Catholic University but what I am going to say is that when the Satan decides to go to church to take Communion, we have to wonder about the nature of the church », He assenpated.

For the sociologist, Father Ludovic Lado works on the victimization of a community which in reality never mandated him: “He is a hypocritical tribalist and it is something which is unhealthy“, concluded the professor of university.

As a reminder, in an open letter Father Lado condemned the “tribalist” remarks of Professor Claude Abe. Comments made recently during a public outing. The Man of God Asked, a former colleague of the sociology teacher believes the latter is spreading anti-Bamileke tribalism. He asks the university teacher to apologize to the Cameroonians.

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