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Cameroonian Esther Ngo Moutngui elected president of the CCJA of OHADA

by Theophile
Esther Ngo Moutngui

Esther Ngo Moutngui was elected judge since 2017 at the CCJA and today she is its president. She was elected to this position for a non-renewable term of 7 years.

It was at the end of the elective general assembly of this court held last week in Niamey in Niger. Elected judge since 2017 at the Common Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA) of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA), Esther Ngo Moutngui, wife Ikoue is now its president. The Cameroonian magistrate was elected to this position for a non-renewable term of 7 years. It was at the end of the elective general assembly of the said course held last week in Niamey in Niger.

It is expected from her to settle with collegiality any dispute falling within the jurisdiction of OHADA, to render an advisory opinion at the request of any State Party, the Council of Ministers or a national court seized of a dispute relating to OHADA. Thirty-six years of training and practice have given this first Cameroonian elected by the Council of Ministers of the 17 member countries of OHADA, the certain legitimacy to create and apply the norm of law.

Esther Moutngui Ikoue has won her place in the legal standard orientation bodies. First through an academic training which led her between 1982 and 1989 to the third doctoral cycle in private law at the unique university of Cameroon. Thereafter, an improvement in commercial law at the National School of the Judiciary of Paris in 2012, diploma courses at the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg in France in 1999 and at the University from Nottingham in Great Britain (School of Human Rights) in 2007.

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As part of the Justice Support Program resulting from a partnership between the Cameroonian Ministry of Justice and the European Union (EU), it will provide training for trainers and practitioners of OHADA law from 2008 to 2012. More recently, she will obtain a certificate in commercial mediation from the faculty of law of the Canadian university Mc GILL. Always in search of improvement and for an optimal administration of justice, Esther Moutngui Ikoue will follow, among other things, training at the International Institute for the Judiciary in Corunna (Spain).

Training that will have enabled him to participate in the development of various supranational standards (United Nations Conventions), to impact the main judicial reforms in Cameroon over the previous decade, and to write several contributions including alternative reports from Cameroon in the DESC and the neutrality of the criminal judge in the Code of Criminal Procedure.

A practitioner of law, this magistrate has gone through most of the positions from which prosecutions and convictions are decided in the Cameroonian judicial system. The first Advocate General at the Littoral Hors Classe Court of Appeal until his election to the CCJA, upon leaving the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) in 1987, worked as a deputy prosecutor of the republic in Bafoussam and Mbalmayo, then as attaché to the Court of Appeal of the Littoral and deputy public prosecutor to the courts of first and high instance of Douala and Wouri.

The functions of Head of Service for the Execution of Sentences, then Deputy Director of Criminal Legislation and finally Deputy Director of Human Rights at the Ministry of Justice gave him the opportunity to assess the impact of the sanction on the litigant and society, but also the need to promote development justice for his country and for Africa.

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Proposed by Cameroon, the former president of the Wouri High Court and the Commercial Chamber of the said jurisdiction for nearly 7 years, is involved in major disputes related to the business community in Cameroon. Skills that allow him to be at the head of the CCJA whose headquarters are in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


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