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Cameroon: The anti-sardinard brigade threatens to boycott Nathalie Koah’s event in Paris

by Theophile
Nathalie Koah

While Nathalie Koah has planned a “Meet and Great” in Paris on November 27, to present her new work “Renaitre” to the public, the event may not have him. For good reason, a group of individuals established in this European country opposes the initiative, brandishing as an argument the crisis that is raging in the North-West and South-West regions.

In a text circulating on the web, the members of this association called “B.A.S. “Write:” How can you BE REBIRTH in Paris when blood is spilled and people are dying in your country without one day having sympathized? RENAÎTRE, a very nice word. We would like these children killed in Ekondo Titi today to be REBIRTH. We wish the children killed in Kumba last year were REBIRTH. We would like the girls murdered in Buea and Bamenda in recent months to BE RENAISSED. But it is impossible for them to REBIRTH when you are dealing with a dictatorship on one side and its little accomplices on the other. These little accomplices are all these bloggers, influencers, Tik tokeur, Comedians, Musicians, Singers, Writers etc. who live their lives peacefully and profit from the regime in place when those of their brothers, their fans are threatened and in danger every day and other Cameroonians languish in the galley. Can we read on Facebook.

And to continue: “These people are paid to distract the youth, to put them to sleep, to distance them from the real problems of the country and also to pervert and corrupt them. This is the case with the author of this book, who does nothing for young people, takes advantage of the regime and leads a dream life with money from state coffers. We can still remember a private plane of her chartered to transport her from Equatorial Guinea where she was confined and stranded last year that brought her back to Cameroon. While she takes advantage of the regime, travels in first class, stays in the best hotels, does her shopping in the big shops, life is getting harder and harder in the country, the Cameroonian taxpayer is suffering, English speakers are dying every day and she never said a word. She has never done anything to denounce this war or support the displaced. She does nothing to help Cameroonians or to encourage her bosses to improve their living conditions ”.

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The letter we found a copy of on social media ends with a few threats: “The taxpayer’s money is used to enrich her while the people keep losing weight and she is getting the most out of it. Madam Nathalie Nkoah, you are kindly requested to go and organize this event in Bamenda or Buea in tribute to the recently murdered little girls who could be your daughters. Or organize it in Douala or Yaoundé with your friends Ministers, general managers, footballers, artists etc but not here in Paris. If you persist, you will receive a punitive visit from the BAS and we will not be responsible for any damage that may be done there ”.


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