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Cameroon – Terrorism: A homemade bomb explodes in a market in Buea

by Theophile
Site de l'explosion d'une bombe artisanale à Douala - 22 septembre 2017

The attack did not claim any victims. The security forces have opened an investigation and call on the populations to collaborate with the security services to thwart the actions of the separatists.

Monday, December 6, 2021, there was more fear than harm at the Buea market located in the South West region. Indeed, a device containing a device connected to a gas cylinder exploded in the middle of the commercial space located at the place of Great Soppo. According to the National Post report, the explosion caused no casualties or damage.

Traders who witnessed the incident say that prior to the explosion, they saw a suspicious bag carried to the market by a man. It was around 8 a.m. “A man walked in as if he was also coming to the market. He put the bag on the ground and disappeared. A brave man opened the bag and it was found that there was a small gas cylinder that had already been properly primed. The other people around screamed and fled. The man holding the bag tried to pull it. Shortly after he dropped this bag there was an explosion, ”said a woman who said in passing that the Defense and Security Forces raided the scene as part of an investigation that was opened.

She reports that the Defense and Security Forces came to the scene “to collect the first elements of the investigation“. The mayor of Buea? David Mafany Namange? also present there, condemned the criminal act and called on the inhabitants of his city to cooperate with my security services: “We denounce this act with the utmost energy. We ask the people to remain calm. May they collaborate with the security forces for peace in our city “.

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