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Cameroon-Social crisis: Matgenie employees threaten to strike again

by Theophile
Personnel du MATGENIE en grève

In response, the CEO of the company urges the staff to foster the path of wisdom.

The staff of the National Civil Engineering Equipment Park (Matgenie) threaten to strike in the days to come if nothing concrete is done. For good reason, they claim 13 months of unpaid wages, evaluated at 906.554 million FCFA by the director general (DG) of Matgenie, Désiré Abogo Ntang.

The start of the school year took place on September 6, but our children did not return to school for lack of money,” complained a union official interviewed by our colleague from SBBC.

In response, the director general (CEO) of Matgenie, Désiré Abogo Ntang, is playing the appeasement card. In a communication on September 10, he invited the staff to promote the path of wisdom: “We do not put pressure on a minister, we ask for his benevolent understanding. So no action of defiance by the Minister of Public Works (Mintp), “he advises.

We remember that on September 4, the CEO of the company responded to the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, arguing that “the statements were prepared by us with your competent services concerning the services of the periods” May-December 2020 ” and ” January-August 2021 ” ”following a note asking him to draw up the statement of the debt owed by his ministerial department for the services performed by the company.

To get the business back on track, the secretary general of the Prime Minister’s services reminds Mintp that the government has decided to award two contracts totaling 70 billion FCFA to Matgenie.

LIRE  Organigramme ministère des travaux publics cameroun MINTP

He asks him to invest in “the development of a draft text asking the contracting authorities and delegated contracting authorities working in the field of buildings and public works (BTP) to reserve a share of the contracts. / contracts to this public entity ”, we can read in a correspondence signed on September 8.


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