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Cameroon-Series of fatal accidents: Transport Minister orders sanctions after the death of at least 9 people

by Theophile
Jean Ernest Masséna Ngalle Bibehe

In three press releases published on Friday, June 28, the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna Ngalle Bibehe, announced a set of sanctions against drivers following a series of accidents that claimed the lives of at least nine people last weekend and this week.

One of the most significant accidents occurred on June 27, 2024 at the place called Village Ngomo on the Ebebda-Yaoundé road, in the Center region. This accident involved a truck and a passenger vehicle belonging respectively to Jodelle Falonne Menne Djokou and Landry Nguemo Tsafack, former Indomitable Lion. The two occupants of the passenger vehicle died instantly, including the 38-year-old former Cameroonian international, whose death sent shockwaves through the Cameroonian football world.

Initial investigations have revealed that excessive speed and improper overtaking by the truck driver were the main causes of the accident. In response to this tragedy, the Minister ordered the withdrawal of the truck driver’s driving license for a period of five years, as well as the suspension of the truck owner’s ordinary transport license for three months. In addition, the truck involved in the accident was taken off the road for a full year, while all vehicles operating under this license were immobilized for three months. Jean Ernest Masséna Ngalle Bibehe specified that only vehicles equipped with adequate safety devices will be allowed to resume their activities at the end of this immobilization period, after a technical inspection by his competent services.

Another accident, which occurred on June 25 at the Falaise de Santchou, in the Western region, involving a Mondial Express coaster, also left six dead and 22 injured, according to the official report. Initial reports suggest that this accident was caused by non-compliance with the speed limit and a failure of the braking system. As a result, the driver’s license involved was suspended for one year, and Mondial Express was subject to a precautionary suspension of its operations for thirty days. After this period, only vehicles certified for their safety will be able to resume their activities. The company is also subject to paying fines to the Public Treasury “for practicing clandestine transport” and is required to retrain all of its drivers in driving under the supervision of the competent technical services of the Ministry of Transport.

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Another fatal accident, which occurred on June 18, also at the Falaise de Santchou, involved a Real Express bus and a broken-down truck, resulting in one death and two injuries. Investigations revealed that dangerous overtaking of the bus was the cause of this avoidable collision. In response, Real Express was suspended from its operations for fifteen days. The Minister also ordered the withdrawal of the driving license of the driver responsible for one year, and the suspension of the transport license of the truck involved for a period of one year. Regarding the truck in question, the Minister ordered the suspension for a period of one year of the 3rd category transport license granted to the driver, owner of the said vehicle, and its withdrawal from circulation for one year. He also took measures against the promoters of the two companies by ordering the immobilization of all their respective fleets operated under the transport licenses concerned.

These accidents occur at a time when the Ministry of Transport has been conducting a special road prevention and safety campaign since June 5, with the aim of reducing the number of accidents during the critical period of vacations and the start of the school year. The minister stressed that strict compliance with driving rules is imperative, and any violation of these rules will be severely punished to ensure the safety of all road users.



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