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Cameroon-Kribi: a fisherman swept away by a sea storm

by Theophile
Plage de Kribi au Cameroun

The tragedy occurred during a fishing trip on September 15.

Sad news for the fishing community of Kribi. One of them sadly died after Wednesday’s storm while the last was on the high seas. His body is nowhere to be found.

Owner of a shop in Bissiang (15 km from Kribi), the latter also practiced sea fishing. He left today with another fisherman to look for fish on the high seas. But only his colleague returned.

According to the accounts of the survivors, they were taken by surprise by the storm which literally destroyed their canoe. Inconsolate, he also thinks he owes his survival to “lady luck.”

He says a severe storm in the middle of the night caused them to lose all of their archaic little life-saving equipment. Fighting death, hanging from the canoe, he cannot explain that his companion has disappeared in the endless waters of the Atlantic. The locals hope that the sea will reject the body very soon for them to give him the last respect he deserves.

We learn that fishermen off the seaside town of Kribi (South) are regularly attacked by nature, trawlers or the Equatorial Guinean military. Despite the various projects related to fishing in Kribi, the fishermen have not yet been organized to really face this insecurity.

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