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Cameroon / France: For Valsero, the debate on the presence of the Ambazonian flag during his concert at the Zenith is pure distraction

by Theophile

Guest of Equinoxe Radio this Monday 20th September 2021, the committed rapper reacted to the controversy aroused by the presence of the English-speaking secessionist flag banner at his concert on September 18, 2021 in Paris.

Among the things that create the debate around the concert organized by General Valsero last Saturday, there is indeed the fact that the Ambazonian flag was waved along this event which took place in the Zenith hall of Paris. For Valsero, he does not have to answer for this or take responsibility for it.

Each Cameroonian has his relationship with the government. Each Cameroonian has his problem with governance. Every Cameroonian has a personal frustration with the government and governance in Cameroon. And each Cameroonian expresses it in his own way. I am not the filter. I am not the one to deal with emotions and expressions of anger. What you call the “Ambazonian flag” is an expression of the anger of part of the Cameroonian people. I could not have to justify the presence of this flag in this concert hall as being even my responsibility or a problem or whatever ”, declared the rapper interviewed by the colleague Equinoxe radio on September 20, 2021.

For him, Saturday’s event was intended to bring together and appease citizens, secessionist activists included, presented as citizens who are suffering from the governance of their country by the regime in place. “This concert for me was the cornerstone of a calming mechanism. One of the parts of Cameroon which has been in tension at the moment, claims this flag, this part had its place, ”says the artist, repeating that those who came to his concert were there “to heal“, exchange and “share in a less angry setting“.

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Without taking anger, Valsero says it is important to stop “making people believe that the existence of this flag is not the direct result of fundamental bad governance.” He adds that he did not come with the intention of banning the Ambazonian flag from his concert. “When you arrive at the Stade de France, you even hear Nazi chants. This does not mean that we are going to say that it was Paris-Saint Germain who organized this thing, “he compares.

The man believes that condemning the presence of the Ambazonian flag is a maneuver designed to do harm. “Let’s stop being naive. You know very well that the debate around this flag is pure distraction. It aims to tarnish something that shines, something powerful, strong. Even the Nazis had their own intellectuals. You are not going to give importance to the intellectualization of chaos, “he urges.


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