Accueil » Cameroon-Far North: The Senior Divisional Officer of Moulvoudaye accuses a teacher of sodomy on his son

Cameroon-Far North: The Senior Divisional Officer of Moulvoudaye accuses a teacher of sodomy on his son

by Theophile
Benjamin Bwanga

The teacher in question, the so-called Djorwe Major, on duty at the local Government school, was detained throughout the past weekend.

The district of Moulvoudaye, Division of Mayo-Danay, region of the Far North, has been the scene of a moral issue since November 16, 2021. Djorwe Major, a teacher in a Government school in the town of Moulvoudaye, is accused by the Senior Divisional Officer, Benjamin Bwanga of sodomy his child.

The land chief has lodged a complaint, reports the tri-weekly “L’œil du Sahel” on Monday, November 22, 2021. “It was noted that the teacher who is also a temporary worker regularly touches children, not only mine. And I decided to file a complaint against him as a citizen. The commissioner kept him in lawful custody. He was brought to Kaelé after the end of the police custody provided for by law and the proceedings are ongoing, ”said the administrative authority.

The teacher’s detention is denounced by his colleagues, who do not believe at all in this version of the facts reported by the Senior Divisional Officer, whom they accuse of being instrumentalized by his partner. “The Senior Divisional Officer acts under the orders of his wife. Everything he says is just a ridiculous lie put on by his wife. Indeed, the teacher punished 4 children, including the child of the Senior Divisional Officer, for exercises not done. But the child went to tell his mother about the punishment, who in turn told her Senior Divisional Officer husband. This is where our colleague’s misfortune came from, ”a teacher told our colleagues on condition of anonymity.

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A group of territorially competent inspectors of the inspectorate, we read in L’Oeil du Sahel, announced a strike from Monday, November 22 in this school, to protest against the “kidnapping” of their college. And they don’t plan on stopping until the kidnapped teacher is released. Actions that in turn denounces the Senior Divisional Officer. “Instead of people thanking me because it’s about a moral issue, they start to get restless. This comforts me in the idea of ​​going through with the procedure. They just have to keep going. And if you notice, people are surfing the tribal fiber to blackmail. These are 20 to 25 people who are making all the noises you hear there and are mostly Toupouri from Mayo-Danay, ”he added.


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