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Cameroon-Douala: ASECNA negotiates a new business contract with its staff

by Theophile
Agence pour la Sécurité de la Navigation Aérienne en Afrique et à Madagascar (ASECNA)

The Meeting of the Community Consultative and Negotiating Body (OCCN) of this structure specializing in aviation safety, opened on December 14, 2021 in the economic capital

The Cameroonian Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, opened on December 14 in Douala, a meeting of the Community Organ for Consultation and Negotiation (OCCN) of the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and in Madagascar (Asecna) devoted to the negotiation of the new 2022-2024 company contract between the Agency and its staff (around more than 6,000 workers).

At the end of negotiations which will end on December 27, said Asecna’s general manager, Mohamed Moussa, the company will implement, among other things, a new remuneration system, if the situation permits. All the more so as the organization declares that it has suffered in a severe way the perverse effects of Covid-19 which has paralyzed the air transport sector to the point where some airlines were completely at a standstill.

This meeting of the OCCN comes at a special time in the life of our organization marked by the disease of the coronavirus. This health crisis has plunged entire families into mourning and disarray with a serious impact on the finances of our Agency due to the drastic drop in aviation fees. It also had significant consequences on the challenge of technological modernization which would have enabled the agency to optimize its services and become the African leader in the field of satellite air navigation safety assistance ”,explained Mohamed Moussa. But he did not give the cash impact of the negative effects of Covid-19 on the agency’s revenue. He said, however, that Asecna’s revenue is less than 70% of 2019.

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The Minister of Transport, for his part, encouraged Asecna for this process of regular consultation with its staff. This makes it possible, according to him, to guarantee social peace, a fundamental element for the achievement of the objectives of safety and continuity of provision of air navigation services to users in accordance with the expectations of stakeholders including Member States such as the Cameroon. “I urge you to conduct exchanges marked by courtesy and more determination to achieve the assigned objectives. You must in all respects prioritize the general interest and the overriding concern for the survival of the Agency by resorting to consensus on all matters of divergence “, prescribed the member of the government.

Founded in Saint Louis, Senegal on December 12, 1959, Asecna, of which Cameroon is one of the founding members, constitutes, after more than half a century, a completed model of cooperative airspace management. Present in 18 member countries, it provides air services in an area covering an area of ​​16,100,000 km2 (1.5 times Europe) divided into 6 in-flight information regions defined by the United Nations Organization. international civil aviation .


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