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Cameroon-Douala: a newborn thrown alive in a garbage bin

by Theophile
Gare de Bessenguè Douala

According to ABK radio, it was the cries of distress from the newborn that alerted those around him.

A woman gave birth before throwing her baby in a garbage bin in Douala, at the entrance to Bessenguè station. The discovery of the infant was made on Sunday, around 6:30 pm. According to witnesses to the discovery, the infant, male, was crying; which caught the attention of a pregnant woman who was passing bessides the garbage bin. She discovered that the baby was still covered with blood. This is how, report several sources including ABK Radio, that she will alert local populations.

Alerted, Camrail law enforcement came to the scene and transported the newborn in a vehicle to take him to a hospital for treatment. At this time, no information is filtering on the baby’s parent. The open investigation may help identify the indelicate mom.

It should be noted that the phenomenon of child abandonment has become recurrent in our societies. Citing reasons of poverty, or whatever, mothers of children abandon their babies in the open and continue on their way.

While some are often caught, others end up evaporating into nature, leaving the child in the care of Social Affairs or orphanages and sometimes souls of good will.

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