Accueil » Cameroon-Denis Emilien Atangana: “Paul Atanga Nji would consider muzzling human rights organizations”

Cameroon-Denis Emilien Atangana: “Paul Atanga Nji would consider muzzling human rights organizations”

by Theophile
Denis Emilien Atangana

This point of view of the National President of the Front des Démocrates camerounais (FDC) is recorded in a press release published on November 18, 2021, in response to the amendment of the Law on Freedom of Association in Parliament.

The FDC calls for vigilance at the time the members are studying Bill 2006 / PJL / year amending certain provisions of the law n ° 90/053 of 19 December 1990 on freedom of association defended by the Minister of Territorial administration.

Considering that the report signed by the Minister of the Territorial Administration dated August 26, 2021, asking for foreign associations and in particular to the NGOs in the field of human rights to provide certain information deemed polemic, seems to be a major threat to Freedom of association. The FDC wonders of what is the relevance and specificity of the amendments to the aforementioned law? “, Can we read.

Through the changes in sight, “the FDC strongly expresses legitimate fears that this law becomes liberticide to weaken and undermine the freedom of association in Cameroon. It is a secret of Polichinelle for anyone that the current Minister of Territorial Administration by these multiple statements would consider muzzling human rights organizations. Hence our party’s concern and concern about all initiatives of the latter in Parliament and especially in favor of the amendment of any law on fundamental freedoms “.

In this respect, the political training of Emilien Emilien Atangana invites the Cameroonian people, parliamentarians, political parties and civil society to “quadruple of vigilance in the face of the amendment of this law acquired in the years of barely price by the people. Cameroonians and whoever none of the cases should be erected into an obstacle to the expression of democracy “.

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This vigilance, according to the FDC, is an absolute emergency at the moment when the law on the regime of the meetings and the public events is the subject of “a very serious brutal violation by the administrative authorities with the bond, the blessing and The moral and institutional satisfaction of the current Minister of Territorial Administration. It is useless to remember that even sitting with a sign in a place in Cameroon has become a reason for the threat of disorder to public order and public tranquility. We ask that the amendments to this bill be made public so that public opinion knows what these amendments are, “concludes emilien atangana.


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