Accueil » Cameroon — Bamenda: Schoolgirl dies while police fire fleeing vehicle

Cameroon — Bamenda: Schoolgirl dies while police fire fleeing vehicle

by Theophile
Bamenda residents in protest over the killing of the killing of a school girl

Reports from Bamenda, capital of Cameroon’s restive North-West Region say a schoolgirl has died while a police officer fired bullets aiming at a fleeing pickup vehicle.

The police officer is said to have been chasing the pickup vehicle around the New Road neighborhood in Nkwen when he fired shots that went off target, marking the latest killing to spark outrage.

The concerned driver and hilux are thought to belong to a Bamenda-based micro finance network, a local journalist familiar with the situation said pending the results of investigations.

The police officer and his peers were probably on routine patrol this Friday, November 12, 2021 when the unfortunate incident occurred.

The pickup vehicle might have refused to stop for security checks, prompting the police officer to fire from a distance, leading to the death of a 7-year-old girl returning from school, identified by local reporters as Tataw Brenda.

Her mother is said to have fled the unrest in Mbingo, Kom in Boyo Division and sought safety in Nkwen.

At the time of this report, an irate population was parading the corpse of schoolgirl, marching towards the administrative authorities.
The New Road neighborhood has always been safe. But now…God help us,” said a resident of the area.

Minus the child killed after that bullet, it could be any other person who was walking along that path. In the centre of town where you can easily pick up the vehicle number or signal your colleagues, you pull the trigger,” regretted a pundit.
Pictures and videos of the deceased schoolgirl have now flooded social media. It is not clear if the blood oozing out of her head is the result of a bullet.

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“I heard a gun was fired and the kid was frightened and she fell into a gutter and hit her head. It’s really sad but she didn’t die from gunshot,” said an observer.

Investigation by competent state services will shed light on the incident.
Today’s incident in Bamenda follows a similar one in Buea last month. A gendarme officer, Mvogo Rigobert shot and killed six-year-old Carolaise Enondiale on her way to school, on Thursday, October 14, 2021.



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