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Cameroon- Anglophone Crisis: Municipal Councilor Mathias Che Bang, Shot Dead in the North-West Region

by Theophile
Mathias Che Bang

The victim succumbed to violence attributed to separatists who are rampant in the region.

In Cameroon, the security situation deteriorated during the month of May in the English-speaking North-West region, according to several local civil society actors. Like its neighbor in the South-West, the North-West region has been bereaved for seven years by armed violence. And on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, a new attack took place north of Bamenda, the regional capital.

A local elected official was killed. A municipal councilor from Zhoa, a council in the Menchum division, Mathias Che Bang, was killed at dawn while traveling on the back of a motorcycle taxi heading to Bamenda. Other motorcycle taxis and their passengers caught in the attack were robbed of their belongings, money and phones before being sent back to Wum, the capital of Menchum, according to the NGO Conscience Africaine.

Fourth agent killed in less than a month

Mathias Che Bang is the fourth public agent killed in less than a month in the North-West region. On May 20, a mayor and a National Education inspector were assassinated while they were on their way to a demonstration for the National Unity Day, contested by English-speaking separatists.

This Saturday, the sports delegate for the Donga-Mantung division was shot dead. And that’s without counting the other civilian victims in recent weeks, including the president of a cultural association in Kejom Keku, Big Babanki, who was kidnapped from his home in Bamenda III before being killed. There are still two dead and forty wounded after the grenade attack on May 26 in a Bamenda bar opposite the regional hospital. Civil society organizations note that, in the majority of cases, no armed group assumes responsibility for the violence.

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