Accueil » Cameroon: A woman kidnaps her 11-year-old nephew in Douala

Cameroon: A woman kidnaps her 11-year-old nephew in Douala

by Theophile
Ville de Douala

The lady used a subterfuge to kidnap her nephew in order to sell him to an individual in the city of Edea. Nicolas, 11, was running his mother’s drinking establishment in her absence when his aunt broke into it.

A woman in her forties is currently under arrest in Douala. Indeed, she was arrested for having Kidnapped his 11-year-old nephew. then learned that the lady in question was part of a child trafficking network.

Our source points out that she detained his nephew for a fortnight after which she gave the child to a young man who was later to transport him to the town of Edea for purposes unknown. “When the child was reported missing, the unfortunate woman shared these troubled moments with the family. There was no indication that she was the cause of the kidnapping, “notes our colleagues from Griote.

It is following an investigation carried out by elements of the 17th subdivision that the little child is found in a home at PK 15. The child is doing well and the investigations are ongoing.

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