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Basketball: KSA crowned champion of Cameroon

by Theophile
Cédric Tsangue

Sunday May 19 was the scene of an epic clash between KSA and the Armed Forces and Police (FAP) team.

FAP, reigning champion of Cameroon, had the mission to beat KSA with a gap of at least 9 points to retain their title. The match started with palpable intensity, with FAP dominating the first two quarters. Thanks to steadfast defense and incisive attack, FAP quickly took a significant lead, dictating the pace of the game.

However, the dynamics of the match changed dramatically in the last two quarters. KSA, far from giving up, showed impressive resilience. Led by exceptional performances from Étienne Tametong and Cédric Tsangue, the team gradually reduced the gap while maintaining constant pressure on FAP. Tsangue, with his shooting precision and his ability to bypass the opposing defense, was a key element in this spectacular comeback.

The decisive moment came in the last second of the match, when Tametong, in a moment of pure brilliance, managed to bring the gap back to just 8 points. This crucial basket not only prevented FAP from retaining the trophy, but also sealed a historic victory for KSA. The spectators, captivated by the intensity and uncertainty of the match, witnessed a true basketball spectacle, where every action counted.

This spectacular turnaround showed the unpredictable and intense nature of basketball, reminding everyone that nothing is ever a given until the final whistle. KSA’s performance and the determination of its players became a memorable moment in the history of Cameroonian basketball, leaving an indelible mark on all those present that day.

The Heroes of KSA: Étienne Tametong and Cédric Tsangue

KSA’s unexpected victory would not have been possible without the exceptional performances of two of its star players: Étienne Tametong and Cédric Tsangue. Étienne Tametong was outstanding throughout the game, playing 34 minutes and recording 32 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. His ability to dominate the game and score crucial points in decisive moments was instrumental for KSA. For his part, Cédric Tsangue also shone, achieving an impressive double-double with 23 points, 14 rebounds, and 2 assists.

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Their synergy on the pitch was phenomenal, allowing KSA to overcome the challenges posed by FAP and win the trophy. This victory has a particular meaning for the Littoral region, which returns to the championship title 10 years later. The Tametong-Tsangue duo will be remembered as the heroes of this historic victory, having proven that teamwork and talent can triumph even in the most critical moments.


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