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Bafoussam: she was hosting her husband’s mistress

by Theophile
Hotel de ville Bafoussam

It is on the bed of a local health center that Solange T. recounts her misadventure. She is gradually recovering from the emotional shock she had, after discovering that she had been harboring her husband’s mistress for three months.

Indeed, last February, his husband returned from a trip to Douala with a young lady. He introduced her as the wife of one of his friends who had been assigned to Bafoussam as a physical education teacher in a public establishment in the city.

The husband will manage to convince his wife, explaining to her that this lady was facing the difficulty of finding accommodation. Reason why he will get Solange T. to stay under their roof for a while. But the smell of a long-standing romance between this new member of the household and the head of the family is quickly smelled by the neighborhood.

According to Solange T., the neighbors had taken the trouble to alert her after noticing that when she went to the market, his husband made regular rounds at the house, in the presence of the new resident. But the love she had for his husband blinded her. Last week, on her return from the market, Solange T. surprised his loving husband on the sofa in the living room, falling in love with this lady. Shocked, she collapsed and was only able to wake up on a drip.

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