Accueil » Anglophone crisis: separatists threaten to execute kidnapped senator Mundi Regina before May 20

Anglophone crisis: separatists threaten to execute kidnapped senator Mundi Regina before May 20

by Theophile
Elizabeth Regina Mundi
Mgr Andrew Nkea
Mgr Andrew Nkea

Kidnapped with her driver on April 30, 2022 in Bamenda in the North West region, the senator has no news. In a statement, the archbishop of the city called for his release.

CPDM Senator was kidnapped on Saturday April 30 in Bamenda with his driver, while she was going to attend a wedding. Ambazonia Defense Force (ADF) immediately claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and requested in particular in return for his release, the release of 75 separatists detained in the context of the Anglophone crisis.

Capo Daniel, one of the leaders of the separatist group Ambazonia Defense Force (ADF), said in a post circulating on social media that “the clock is ticking for the execution of Madame Mundi Regina”. This militia led by Ayaba Cho Lucas also specified that if the government did not accede to its demands, the senator would be executed before May 20, the national day Celebration. “Any rescue attempt will lead to rapid execution“, also threatened the ADF.

Yaoundé has not officially reacted to this kidnapping or to the threats of execution of this elected official. It was the Archbishop of Bamenda, Mgr Andrew Nkea, who officially requested his release in a statement dated Tuesday, May 10. “I make this open appeal to those who hold Mrs. Regina Mundi to have mercy on her and release her from her captivity. For those who kidnapped her, Ms. Mundi is a senator, but I ask them to remember that she is also many other things than a senator,” pleaded Bishop Andrew Nkea.

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He recalled that Senator Mundi is a mother and grandmother and pleaded for those commanding her captors to ask them to return her to her family safe and sound.


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