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Anglophone crisis: MSF again demands the release of its employees

by Theophile
Médecins Sans Frontières

Four months after their arrest, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) employees are still being held in Buea prison in the South West.

The non-governmental organization is thus protesting against the detention of four of its employees. Indeed, MSF employees had been arrested in this region. They are suspected of having tried to exfiltrate a formidable Ambazonian who was shot during the fighting with the Cameroonian army. They are a nurse and a paramedic, sent to pick up a man with a gunshot wound and intercepted at the Nguti checkpoint on December 27, 2021. As well as two other workers arrested a few weeks later.

We have engaged with the authorities, providing them with information and clarification, to facilitate the release of our colleagues. But so far, there is no positive resolution,” wrote MSF.

In another statement published on April 28, MSF said it was convinced of the legality of the tasks they carried out in the region. However, “None of the explanations given by MSF or by the legal service provided to Marguerite and Ashu has led to their release at this time. “, indicates the humanitarian NGO.

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