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Anglophone crisis: Fifty women kidnapped by separatists.

by Theophile
Crise Anglophone : les femmes prises en otage

The abduction of the women took place on May 19, 2023 in Big Babanki, a locality in the department of Mezam, in the North-West Region.

At the moment there are about fifty women aged 50 and over, who are currently in the hands of separatist fighters. In the video uploaded by the kidnappers, we see them sitting on the ground. The author of said video who speaks in pidgin claims that they are considered traitors. And for that they deserve to die.

According to sources close to the families of the hostages, the mothers were abducted while demonstrating against the exactions of the secessionist fighters who sow content in the South-West and North-West, the two regions of the country in the grip of a war of independence for seven years.

Taxes set at 10,000 francs per month for men, 5,000 francs for women and 500 francs for children. Amounts considered excessive by the dissatisfied women who therefore undertook a march of denunciation,” explains a source.

The women are still kept in captivity. The authorities have yet to react.

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