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Anglophone crisis: At least five civilians killed in a bar in Bamenda

by Theophile
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The private channel Radio Equinoxe informed this April 20, 2021 that several civilians were killed during the night from Sunday to Monday April 19, 2021 in Bamenda (North-West) in an attack attributed to the separatists.

The drama took place in a place of rejoicing in Nsongwa, a village located in Bamenda II Ward, Mezam Division and North West Region. According to the channel’s local correspondent, the victims were consuming alcohol in a bar in Mile Ninety (district of Bamenda 2) when they were targeted by armed men who mistook them for soldiers.

The first information that we had from the populations interviewed on the spot indicate that the bar was attacked by armed gangs who suspected the presence of the soldiers in this bar, consuming beer. These armed men arrived and opened fire, thinking that there were soldiers in this bar, ” said Frédéric Takang of Radio Equinoxe.

Assessment of the attack, five dead including 03 men and 02 women. “At the latest news this morning, we are talking about a sixth person who would have succumbed to his wounds after the bullets received during the shooting,” adds our colleague, who underlines that some separatists point to the responsibility of the army in this tragedy.

On the scene of the tragedy, the victims are speechless because they are torn by the pain that pierces the heart. For now, the authorities have not officially reacted to this new tragedy in an area plagued by insecurity for almost five years.

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