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A false military specialized in the scams arrested in Yaoundé

by Theophile
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The criminal printed for a chief adjutant responsible for recovering money for recruitment within the defense and safety forces as well as the public service.

His interpellation intervenes after the gendarmerie recorded many complaints and denunciations of scams operated by an alleged military. The survey conducted by the elements of Nlongkak’s gendarmerie made it possible to challenge the alleged alleged. It is a crook and specialist of scams that presenting themselves as an element of the defense and security forces.

Research has resulted in the suspect’s interpellation on 07 September 2021, at the place called” Station Bridge “. The search of his home has made it possible to seize a large amount of documents, including hundreds of receipts of the last recruitment competition in the defense forces, a military identity card on his behalf, many military diplomas, acts. Birth … as well as many military effects, “says the national gendarmerie in a statement.

The suspect has a profession. And contrary to what he says to his victims, he is very far from the body of the armies. He is a profession driver. To believe the gendarmerie, the suspect whose name has not been disclosed “has passed to the confessions and claimed to extort between 300,000 and 1,000,000 CFA francs per candidate. He would have already cashed several tens of millions lately for the current competitions. “

According to his words, reported by the gendarmerie, he is “a recruit revoked in 2014”. The reason for its presumed revocation is not specified.

Faced with attempts at scam and scam, the gendarmerie launches a call to citizens. It calls for “vigilance” to “common sense” populations. The latter are invited to “go to the relevant public services for all desired diligence and administrative formalities”.

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